Responsibly monitored and controlled herring fisheries play an important part in maintaining levels of employment and residency in the rural fishing villages across Iceland. All FISKOLÍA products are Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified for international recognition of a sustainable approach to preserving a natural balance in the sea environment.


  • Efficient ships

    Fish Processing plant in Iceland Omega-3 Fish Oil

    Fish processing plant Síldarvinnslan, Neskaupstaður Iceland

  • Efficient processing
  • Short Distance to Fishing Grounds
  • Quick return
  • North Atlantic best managed fishing
  • MSC Certification
  • Full Utilization; 100% of fish is utilized for Food

Distribution is Efficient and Carbon Friendly

  • 80 x 200 liter Drums fill a 20-foot Container

Distribution from East –Coast of Iceland to the Port of Portland Maine

Our patented production process, with a new facility being built in Iceland is scheduled to go online in 2021, is efficient and carbon friendly. We are building a sustainable factory next door to our fish factory to minimize waste. This will provide us with two facilities: Norway and Iceland

We enhance a previously low-value high Stering Fish Oil

  • It is converted into High-end FISKOLÍA
  • Our process is 70 % efficient, up from 20% in the old process
  • The remaining 30% is pumped back to be processed.
  • Resulting in only 5% losses, a 500% improvement

FISKOLÍA and Wild Iceland Fish Oil Company are owned by Margildi. During the Seafood Conference Iceland 2015, Margildi was awarded “Svifaldan” as The Most Innovative Idea of the Year for the concept of Marlýsi for our new refining method to produce fish oil, Omega-3.